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Dashboard Lights 101: What You Need to Know About Them

Have you ever noticed some symbols in your dashboard? Dashboard lights or dashboard symbols can provide important information about your car’s condition, both good and bad.

Understanding the symbols can keep you safe while driving. In this article, we will describe the meaning of some of the most common dashboard lights that appear in your car. 

Battery Light 

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When the battery light is on, you have to be careful. This dashboard light signals you that there is something wrong with your alternator or charging system. Specifically, the car’s battery isn’t being charged. Make sure to look at this issue as soon as possible, as your battery may die.

Coolant Temperature Warning

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As its name suggests, Coolant Temperature Warning symbol means your engine is overheating or has reached a very high temperature. It is caused by a problem in the cooling system. When it appears, all you have to do is park your car in a safe area, switch off the engine, and call an expert. While it’s fine to open the bonnet, never try to remove or touch any engine components. Touching them will lead to serious burns.

Oil Pressure Warning

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Have you ever seen a light that looks like a genie’s lamp on your dashboard? If so, be aware that something is wrong with your car. The symbol means that your car’s oil level is too low. Again, immediately switch off the engine and call a mechanic. Never drive your car in this condition or you will be putting yourself in danger.

Airbag Warning

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Airbags are designed to protect you during a crash. Thus, make sure to always check the condition of the airbags in your car. Having this light on your dashboard means there is a problem occurring in the airbag system. Although you can still drive the car, try to solve this issue as soon as possible for your safety. 

Brake System

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This warning deals with the brake system in your car. Generally, this light signals you there is a problem with the level of the car’s brake fluid and anti-lock brake system. Additionally, it can inform you that your handbrake is still on. 

Diesel Engine Pre-glow

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This symbol may appear when you start the engine of your car. It heats up the engine when it’s cold, and will go away once the car is ready to start. However, you still need to be careful if it still blinks after the engine is warm enough. It indicates that the system doesn’t work well.

Engine Light

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Several factors can cause the engine light to turn on. It can be caused by the minor problem like a loose gas cap or a major problem related to the broken catalytic converter. Moreover, this light shows your car’s internal computer recognises a problem with the engine or transmission. Call the mechanic immediately when it occurs to your car.

Diesel Particulate Filter Warning 

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A filter exists if you drive a diesel car. It blocks the dirty particles from going into your car. However, if the light switches on, you need to notice that the filter is issuing a problem. To avoid replacing the filter, which is not cheap, try to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Tyre Pressure Warning

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The light will appear if something is wrong with your tyre. It could become too flat or lose a pressure. After you solve this issue, the system has to be reset.

ESC (Electronic Stability Control) Light

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Finally, this symbol won’t indicate a problem, but it tells you are safe in your car. ESC is a technology that helps your car to be stable when you accidentally lose control while driving it. Thus, it is important to have this feature when you buy a new or used car. 

In conclusion, dashboard lights are crucial for recognising some problems that may occur in your car. Some of them will tell you that you are safe when driving a car. Therefore, don’t forget to always check your car and remember these symbols since they inform your car’s condition! 

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