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Pre Purchase Car Inspection & Vehicle Check

What Is A Pre-purchase Car Inspection?

A PPI (Pre-purchase Inspection) is a vehicle inspection performed by a licensed mechanic or a qualified inspector who will give the vehicle a thorough inspection to determine its mechanical and safety condition. The inspector will pinpoint any existing conditions and highlight potential issues that could arise in the future and will investigate to make sure any previous damage has been properly repaired.

Why You Need To Get A Pre-purchase Car Inspection

Peace of mind is the first and foremost reason for getting a mechanical vehicle inspection. When you’re spending thousands on an asset, you should feel confident you’re not getting a lemon that may end up costing you down the track in repairs. And you can rest assured that any safety issues with the vehicle will be brought to your attention. It means you won’t inadvertently end up driving around in a death trap!

Prior to buying or selling a car, a thorough inspection is performed to ensure that all mechanical, structural, and safety faults are discovered.

This is what we specialize in! We are neither the largest, nor the oldest, nor the cheapest in the industry, but our reviews (as well as the number of reviews vs. the number of works completed) show that we are unquestionably among the finest.

Every inspection is conducted as if it were a vehicle we were considering purchasing.
Many clients trust our attention to detail and professionalism to report on the vehicle as it is, not only as it appears on CARSALES, GUMTREE, FACEBOOK, or AUTOTRADER. When buying an automobile from out of state, you want someone like us to thoroughly inspect it – you won't be disappointed.

We use a scan tool that plugs into the engine management system to discover any engine problem codes.

Heating/air conditioning, horn, seat belts, locks, warning lights, and other interior features are all checked.

Rust, prior body repairs, panels, and suspension are all visually inspected.

Damage caused by an accident
To assess for previous aesthetic repairs, a paint depth gauge test is employed. For evidence of accident, hail, or flood damage, a visual check is used.

Test Drive
Brake operation, engine noise, exhaust emissions, steering/suspension, and other aspects of the vehicle are all examined

Car History Report
Written-off histories, stolen records, odometer rollbacks, and other details are included in each report.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection & Vehicle Check

We don’t do ALL vehicles – we constantly get asked to check specific types of vehicles, classics, LHD conversions, heavy commercial etc, but this is not our area of expertise. We won’t take on a job, just for the $, but rather whether we are best suited for your needs / timing / location etc.

Honesty, professionalism and a ‘real’ person to talk to before and after the inspection.

Contact us to manage your pre-purchase inspection or service for your vehicle. We will show you our best in our service. Better pre-purchase inspection before paying much higher for future problems. Better regular maintenance for your ride safety.