Pre purchase Inspection

This is what we do! We are not the largest in the industry, nor the longest established, nor are we the cheapest, BUT if you look at our reviews (also the number of reviews vs the number of jobs done), you will see that we are definitely one of the best.

We act as your EYES for inspections. We treat every inspection as if it was a car we would consider buying.
Many clients trust our detail and professionalism to report on the vehicle as it really is, rather than just the CARSALES / GUMTREE / FACEBOOK / AUTOTRADER advert. When you are buying from interstate, you want someone like us to really assess the car – you won’t be disappointed.

We don’t do ALL vehicles – we constantly get asked to check specific types of vehicles, classics, LHD conversions, heavy commercial etc, but this is not our area of expertise. We won’t take on a job, just for the $, but rather whether we are best suited for your needs / timing / location etc.

Honesty, professionalism and a ‘real’ person to talk to before and after the inspection.