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Signs The Used Hybrid Car You are Buying Needs a New Battery

Prior to purchasing a Hybrid car. A car that promises excellent fuel efficiency and dependable operation. You must know that underneath the hood of a hybrid car combines reliable traditional fuel and cutting-edge energy-saving technology. The battery of a hybrid is intended to last for an extended period of time.

Manufacturers often state that the batteries used in hybrid cars will be operational for the vehicle’s entire lifespan, or at least 4-8 years, although this is not always true. Certain circumstances can be a sign that the hybrid battery needs to be reconditioned or replaced.

If you want to be sure that you are getting a quality hybrid car, getting a Pre Purchase inspection prior to buying a hybrid car is the best course of action as making the wrong purchase could be quite costly. For example, a normal Hybrid Battery can cost around $4000, and possibly more, and in some cases may not be domestically available or able to be ‘overhauled’ if it is a ‘grey market’ import that was never officially sold in this country. Rather than buying a used hybrid car that has issues and is costly to maintain due to its higher repair expenses than regular vehicles, it is better to go for one that is in a good state and can be driven in the long run.

Here are several pointers to bear in mind when inspecting a hybrid car:

The Indicator Light is on

Irrespective of the car’s make – be it Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, or any other, a hybrid car warning light can be illuminated, just like the Check Engine Light. Nonetheless, the warning light does not necessarily mean that the hybrid battery has gone bad – it could be due to a variety of reasons such as issues with regenerative braking, a weak electrical connection, or a problem with the powertrain control module among other possibilities. Nonetheless, if a hybrid car warning light appears, it could be a sign that your hybrid battery is not performing optimally or has started to break down.

Reduced Torque And Acceleration

When you’re out on a test drive and stepping on the accelerator or starting from a stop, hybrid cars usually use both electricity and petrol. Especially at low RPMs, the electric motor offers remarkable torque, which it draws from the hybrid vehicle’s battery reserves to activate the electric motor. If you notice the vehicle is not accelerating as quickly as it should be, it could indicate that the battery may not have had enough time to charge or is unable to provide the motor with the necessary power.

The Power Of The Battery Drains Quickly

When you check the dashboard of the hybrid, you should find the charge indicator bar close to the amount of mileage that the manufacturer has rated. To illustrate, a hybrid vehicle with a total electric range of 30km should be able to travel close to that distance when only using the electric mode. If the battery drains before it can travel its expected distance, it could be a symptom of a problem with the hybrid battery.

The Battery is Not Responding To The Charging Process

Additionally, hybrid batteries must always be able to charge completely. That’s can be seen on the instrument cluster by full bars on the hybrid battery gauge. When the battery doesn’t fully recharge when you brake or run the petrol engine, that can be an indication the battery needs to be replaced.

Fuel Economy Reduction

For many people, the primary reason for driving a hybrid is to save money on gas. If you notice the gas is reducing faster than it should, alarm bells should go off in your head. While many factors can be the reason for decreased fuel economy, one possible reason is the petrol engine running out more frequently due to the hybrid battery’s inability to maintain a charge. While none of these symptoms is sufficient to identify a hybrid battery as the source of the problem, they can point you in the right direction. If the hybrid battery is at fault, it may need to be reconditioned, repaired, or even replaced to restore the vehicle’s performance.

Pre-Purchase Hybrid Car Inspection In Melbourne

As repairing hybrid cars is typically more expensive than repairing regular cars. It is preferable to buy a used hybrid car that is in good condition and will serve you well in the long run rather than something that will cause problems and cost money to maintain. When choosing your next used hybrid car know that German Precision Hybrid Car Specialists are here to help you every step of the way, so leave the hard work to us and have complete peace of mind that you will never lose money on a lemon when you have German Precision inspecting the car.

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