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Beware of The Most Common Issues With Used Vehicles!

Today, many car owners are seeking out their next vehicle purchase, and many have used vehicles as the focus of this buying effort.

The goal of purchasing used cars is to get more value for their money by buying a vehicle at a discounted price than one that is new. However, nobody wants to be spending money on repairs on a car in the workshop shortly after it has been purchased.

Be careful before buying a used vehicle. There are several issues that commonly affect them: 



Another problem has arisen from owners of used vehicles, who complain about the short lifespan of the car’s motors and electrical sensors. These sensors can be quite problematic in used vehicles.

All vehicle manufacturers have equipped a large number of vehicles with sensors over the last decade. More pieces must be replaced periodically because this requires more electrical usage and dependence.

When starting the vehicle during an inspection, look for any warning signs on the dash that would immediately catch a driver’s attention.




Used Vehicle Alternator - Melbourne Australia


Every vehicle’s charging system contains an alternator. Most car owners are familiar with this term, but they are not familiar with its function. Although car owners are familiar with this phrase, they are not sure about the process involved.

The alternator is responsible for powering the dash, battery, air conditioning, and other critical vehicle functions by utilising the crankshaft’s power. It can be quite expensive to repair this piece if it is broken because it is an important part.

When checking out your vehicle, check out the lights and brightness on the dashboard. If the brightest setting does not seem bright, or the lights inside flicker or fade, the alternator may be at fault, or even worse, some hidden electrical problem that may be more expensive to trace and repair, than an alternator.


Air Conditioner


Used Vehicle Inspection - Melbourne Australia


It’s impossible to drive in the summer months in states without an air conditioner.  However, like other components and systems in the vehicle, air conditioners do become worn out over time and require repairs in order to keep functioning properly.

When inspecting a vehicle, make sure to turn the air conditioner to its coldest setting. The air coming from the vents should be very cold, with around 1.5C to 4.0C degrees as the lowest setting. Anything around the 4-8 c is fair, and above that it definitely requires attention. Open up the vents and make sure that air is continuously flowing into the vehicle’s cabin.

If the vehicle’s air conditioning or cooling system is not working properly, either the system needs to be regassed or the air compressor is failing. Note though that routine ‘regassing’ is no longer needed these days, so if it is low on gas, then the cause of the leak needs to be diagnosed ($200-$400) and repaired. Depending on the component and location, repairs can range from another $200 -$2000 (if a major component is leaking.  




Turbo of Used Vehicle Inspection - Melbourne Australia


People who want to buy a car that performs well and has a lot of power tend to choose cars with turbocharged engines. These days, smaller capacity petrol/diesel engines almost invariably have a turbo, due to efficiency and performance benefits, so many more cars have turbos than previously expected. Have a mechanic drive the car before you buy one with a turbo engine, to make sure it’s working properly.

When accelerating, the driver should experience a noticeable increase in power. Also, after parking the vehicle, they should leave the engine running and inspect the exhaust for smoke or broken turbocharger indicators. An unusual amount of exhaust gas or smoke may indicate that the turbo is damaged if the boost that was expected is not given or if the acceleration is not fast enough. Engine warning lights or stored fault codes may also be present.


Get the Final Pre Purchase Inspection

It’s important to have a trustworthy mechanic inspect any used car before you buy it, to make sure there are no issues you should be concerned about. Salespeople and dealerships may attempt to conceal these common problems in order to get the car to sell, or may not even be aware of the underlying issues with a car that they have traded in our source from wholesalers. Be careful when car shopping, and remember these issues during the final pre purchase inspection.

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