The Checklist You Need When Inspecting Used Cars

Posted On September 17th, 2021 By admin

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, a Used Car Inspection Checklist is an excellent choice. To avoid purchasing a used car that will leave you stranded, we recommend thoroughly inspecting it on your own and/or requesting a professional used car inspection. Follow these 9 steps to ensure you cover all […]

10 Signs to Look Out for Used Cars that Had Been in Accidents

Posted On September 9th, 2021 By admin

There’s more to choosing a secondhand car than meet the eyes. Buyers won’t discover until way too late that the used car they purchase had actually been in an accident. This can cause long-lasting damage, and eventually cost you more money for inevitable future repairs. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Here are […]

Determine a Car’s Age

Posted On August 31st, 2021 By admin

These days, the car company and its dealer network will make no secret of selling ‘old-plated’ cars. They’ll also run expensive advertising campaigns to market ‘last year’s cars to consumers. But as much as plate clearances have become a big business opportunity and a boon for buyers, it begs a couple of questions. Are you, […]

What does car make and model mean? Contact German Precision today!

What Does Car Make And Model Mean?

Posted On August 13th, 2021 By admin

When you think of the name of a vehicle, you probably think of its make and model. These terms are used to describe a specific car and are frequently used together, but can sometimes be used separately. For example, Toyota is a car make and Camry is a car model. But there’s a difference between […]

Know When To Replace Your Used Car Brake Pads

Know When To Replace Your Used Car Brake Pads

Posted On August 5th, 2021 By admin

Brake pads are major parts of your vehicle’s braking system. Keeping them in working condition is crucial for the safety of both you and other drivers around you. What if you just bought a used car? Do you have to replace the brake pads immediately? Read on to know when to replace your used car brake […]

A woman and an electric car - GERMAN PRECISION

Should You Buy A Used Electric Car In Australia?

Posted On July 29th, 2021 By admin

Many Australians say they would consider buying an electric car. But unfortunately, new electric vehicles don’t come cheap. Another option is to buy a second-hand. However supply is limited and, like with any major purchase, there are pitfalls to watch for. So, should you buy a used electric car in Australia? We have been in […]