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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to appear during the pre purchase car inspection?
How long does the pre purchase car inspection take?
Do you visit the car location for pre purchase car inspections?
Why should I select German Precision Vehicle Inspections?
How much does pre purchase car inspection cost?
What experience and qualifications do you have?
Which area does German Precision cover?
What are the benefits of pre purchase car inspection?
What’s included in the pre purchase car inspection?
When do I pay for the pre purchase car inspection service?
What is the maximum age of the car do German Precision Inspect?
Why should I get a pre-purchase car inspection?
What does a pre-purchase inspection typically cover?
How long does a pre-purchase inspection take?
What type of report do I receive?
Do you inspect cars sold by dealerships?
What if the car fails the inspection?
How much does a pre-purchase inspection cost?
Can you inspect a car at my home or the seller's location?
What qualifications do your inspectors have?
Are you insured?
How can I book an inspection?
What information do you need about the car before the inspection?
Can I be present during the inspection?
What should I bring with me to the inspection?
How can I prepare the car for the inspection?
What happens if the car doesn't start or isn't drivable?
What specific diagnostic tools do you use?
Do you check for flood damage or accident history?
Will you check for odometer tampering?
Do you provide recommendations for repairs?
Can you recommend a mechanic for repairs?
How long will it take to receive the inspection report?
Can I get a digital copy of the report?
Do you offer a warranty on the inspection?
What if I have questions about the inspection report?
Can you help me negotiate the price of the car based on the inspection findings?
What are some red flags to look for when buying a used car?
What questions should I ask the seller before the inspection?
What paperwork should I get from the seller?
How can I finance the purchase of a used car?
How can I verify the car's mileage is accurate?
What are signs of engine problems during an inspection?
How do I know if the car has been in a major accident?
How does weather affect vehicle inspections?
What should I do if the inspection reveals modifications?
What are common electrical problems found during inspections?
How can I check for flood damage in a vehicle?
What safety features should I check during an inspection?
How should I assess the vehicle's suspension system?
What are the signs of transmission problems in a used car?
How can I ensure the vehicle's emissions are compliant?
Can I inspect the vehicle's computer and electronic systems?
What are the key components to inspect under the hood?
How do aftermarket parts affect a vehicle's warranty and value?
What is the best way to negotiate repairs after a pre-purchase inspection?
What role does the vehicle's history report play in the inspection?
What makes German Precision the best choice for pre-purchase inspections in Melbourne?