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5 Must-Have Features For Your Used Car

In the present times, when everything is becoming highly expensive and economic conditions are unstable, many people don’t wish to spend a fortune on a brand new car. Ten years ago, we were more concerned about basic safety features and aerodynamic design. Nowadays, advanced technology is the name of the game.

However, personal cars have now become an essential part of the modern lifestyle and one can’t deny the convenience and time-saving aspects of personal transportation. Nevertheless, one can easily get all the conveniences related to a new car while paying a lot less, if one can get hold of a good quality pre-owned car, like a used BMW.

The used car market is an immense space and it is actually much larger than the new car market. With time, the used car market is becoming even bigger as many first time buyers are going for pre-owned cars instead of brand new ones. While there are many reliable sources from which one can buy good quality used cars, you need to know which dealer worth your trust. It is also important that the cars offer the right kind of features to meet your requirements and offer you an overall pleasant car ownership experience.

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We have been in the automotive industry since 1984, ranging from apprentice, through to master technician, workshop foreman, controller, service advisor and service manager, in numerous premium vehicle businesses. We have built a level of loyalty that in the 21st Century is vital. After all, customer service and care is a point of difference.

We hope we are able to help you out with your needs. Our business is also known as Prepurchase Check.

1. Comfortable Seats

This is the most basic and also very important feature to look for while buying a pre-owned car. A car drive cannot be enjoyed if its seats are not comfortable and this is true for both the driver and the passengers. While a driver can’t drive in peace if the seats are not comfortable, the other occupants will also feel discomfort, especially during long drives. It is important that you check for comfortable as well as supportive seats while buying a pre-owned car to ensure that it will provide pleasant and comfortable rides. Check the driver’s as well as passengers’ seat by spending around 15 minutes on them to check their comfort and support level.

2. Air Conditioning System

A good quality air conditioning system is a must-have in all cars. This keeps all the occupants comfortable through changing climate conditions. Things get even better if you have Auto Air Conditioning that offers much better fine-tuned temperature settings. Simply set it in auto mode and forget about it. The air conditioning system will automatically make the required adjustments as per the changing temperatures to keep the car interior comfortable.

3. Airbags

This is one of the most crucial car safety features and a must-have for your safety. While high-end variants offer a complete package of airbags for the safety of all the occupants in the event of a collision, you can also find the crucial front dual airbags even on the base models of many used cars.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Every driver on the road appreciates efficiency. And with today’s automotive advancements, even many of the larger trucks and SUVs offer impressive fuel efficiencies. If fuel efficiency is at the very top of your list, you may want to check out some of the hybrid vehicles available on the market. Hybrid used cars for sale can reach fuel efficiencies in the 40+ MPG range.

5. Cargo Space

Whether you’re looking for a sedan, truck, or SUV, cargo space is important. This allows you and your passengers to transport your belongings with ease. When browsing used cars for sale be sure to compare the available cargo space. If you’re in the market for an SUV, check out the cargo space with and without the seats folded down. You’ll want to make sure you still have plenty of room when you have passengers onboard!

BONUS: Advanced Safety Features

Safety is another important feature at the top of our list. Thankfully, safety is something that most automotive brands take very seriously. Each day, new safety technologies are emerging to keep drivers and passengers safe on the roads.

Here are a few of the advanced safety features to look for during your search for a used car:

  • backup camera
  • electronic stability control
  • LED headlights
  • fog lamps
  • brake assist
  • child LATCH system
  • cruise control
  • lane keep assist with lane departure warning
  • blind-spot detection

Pre-purchase Car Inspections in Melbourne, VIC

Have a professional inspector like German Precision to do a thorough pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne to ensure that your dream car is operating properly and not a scam.

If you are looking for a professional pre-purchase car inspector in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact German Precision or Prepurchase Check today!


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