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Buying a Used Car: Dealers, Private Sellers, or Auctions

It’s an age-old argument — do you get the best-used car deal buying from a dealer, an auction, or from a private seller?

Honest and Professional Pre-purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne, VIC

We have been in the automotive industry since 1984, ranging from apprentice, through to master technician, workshop foreman, controller, service advisor and service manager, in numerous premium vehicle businesses. We have built a level of loyalty that in the 21st Century is vital. After all, customer service and care is a point of difference.
We hope we are able to help you out with your needs. Our business is also known as Prepurchase Check.

Let’s face it, buying a car is a stressful situation. For some of us, it will be one of the largest financial transactions we make. There are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary or inexperienced — and when it comes to buying a car, some of us can be both.

Buying your used car through a dealership

Buying a car through a dealership is often more expensive than buying from a private seller, at least upfront. This is because dealerships will usually have cost margins (e.g. rent and wages) to cover, so they might boost the price of a car slightly to compensate for this. However, the professionalism and quality of the customer service at a dealership can make this cost worth it.

Buying a used car from a dealership

Buying your used car privately

One of the strongest arguments for buying from a private seller is that you, the buyer, can haggle more strongly for the best possible price. Most private sellers have an inflated opinion of the value of the car they’re selling, gained from scanning ads for similar cars’ “asking” price rather than the final “selling” price. So, keep in mind, you have plenty of room to negotiate and you can always walk away. If the seller has an urgent need to sell, your position is even stronger.

Buying a used car from a private seller
Crucially, when buying through a private seller you should check that there isn’t an encumbrance on the car, i.e. there isn’t a debt on it. You should avoid buying an encumbered car, because if the borrower was to default on the debt, the lender could repossess the car from you, despite the debt not being yours!

Buying your used car at an auction

You may save money at an auction, but you must do your homework. Set a price and don’t go over it. Ex-government and fleet cars are often good value and have usually been regularly maintained but they might not have been driven as carefully as privately owned cars.

Buying a used car from an auction

Pre-purchase Car Inspections in Melbourne, VIC

Have a professional inspector like German Precision do a thorough pre-purchase car inspection to ensure that your dream car is operating properly and not a scam.

If you are looking for a professional pre-purchase car inspector in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact German Precision or Prepurchase Check today!


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Klaus is a highly experienced automotive professional with 35+ years in the industry, offering Pre-purchase Car Inspection and Vehicle Check services in Melbourne, Victoria. His expertise ranges from technician to service manager, earning him a reputation for exceptional customer service.