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Word of Mouth 2021 Service Award for German Precision

prepurchase inspector award
German Precision is immensely grateful for this award.
As the owner, it has been an honour to work for everyone who has chosen me to inspect their dream cars, and for the trust that has been built over the years. This award recognises my work and the efforts that I put in, with the aim of exceeding your expectations.
We are very fortunate to have been able to help you. It would not be possible for us to receive this award without your trust and support.
If you are looking for the best pre-purchase car inspector in Melbourne VIC, do not hesitate to contact us today!
Klaus Sturm
Pre Purchase Car Inspector Melbourne

Klaus Sturm

Klaus is a highly experienced automotive professional with 35+ years in the industry, offering Pre-purchase Car Inspection and Vehicle Check services in Melbourne, Victoria. His expertise ranges from technician to service manager, earning him a reputation for exceptional customer service.