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The Truth About Pre Purchase Inspections

A pre purchase inspection is a final check of the condition of a used car before you buy it. A dealer or private seller may offer to let you have pre purchase inspection report before you commit to buying the car, but there are no rules saying you must do this in order to buy from them. It’s your choice whether to get one or not. A pre purchase inspection may reveal hidden problems such as a history of major accident repairs, hidden damage, or other issues that reduce its value.

However, like anything else in life, a pre purchase inspection is not free and has pros and cons that need to be considered before deciding whether one is right for you and this particular car. If you are thinking of buying, a pre purchase inspection makes sense for you and the car you’re interested in purchasing. Read on to understand more about what they involve and what factors should influence your decision.


What’s Included In A Pre Purchase Inspection?

A pre purchase inspection is a visual and written summary of the condition of the car’s major systems, including the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, interior and body. The inspection should explain what is normal for the car’s age and mileage, and what is abnormal and should be repaired before the car is considered safe and reliable, or at least considered in the overall condition of the car.

The inspection should also reveal any major issues that would make the car unsafe to drive or have a significant negative impact on its value. A typical pre purchase inspection includes checking the car’s body, engine, and undercarriage for serious damage, corrosion, or signs of repair. The inspector should also test the car’s lights and turn signals, sound the horn, open and close the doors, and examine the tyres, wheels, and brakes. They may also check the car’s fluid levels and general condition, including all visible components, seats, interior, and, the car’s service history.


Who Should Perform The Inspection?

The dealer or seller will probably perform the pre purchase inspection, but you do not have to accept their recommendation. You can also use a mechanic to perform the inspection on your behalf. If you get the seller/dealer to perform the inspection, try to negotiate a written agreement that sets out the inspection’s scope, the report’s findings, and what repairs, if any, must happen before you buy the car. If you hire your own mechanic, agree with the seller/dealer on what the inspection should cover, and get the mechanic to sign a written agreement to this effect.

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Who Can Perform A Pre Purchase Inspection?

If you hire a private mechanic to perform the inspection, you may have to accept their evaluation of the car’s condition without the ability to verify their findings. On the other hand, a dealer’s inspection report is usually backed by a guarantee, so they should find any problems with the car. A dealer’s inspection, however, should be viewed with a healthy amount of scepticism, since they have a financial interest in selling the car.


Can You Trust The Results Of A Pre Purchase Inspection?

If you hire the seller/dealer to perform the inspection, you may have to take their word for it. If you hire a private inspector, the results are entirely up to you to verify. You may want to consider having the car’s title history checked, too. This report may reveal damage that has been repaired but not reported on the inspection report. A car’s title history reveals if the vehicle has been in any major accidents if it has been stolen and recovered if it has been flooded (How To Avoid Flood Damaged Cars: 10 Tips To Get A Quality Car) if it was ever salvaged (taken out of service due to a failed repair cost that exceeded a certain % of its value), or if it was ever written off (totalled) by an insurance company.

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Are There Any Risks With Getting A Pre Purchase Inspection?

A pre purchase inspection will cost you between $200 and $400. If you hire the seller/dealer to perform the inspection, you may have to pay for both the inspection and the repairs if the inspection reveals problems. You can, however, negotiate with the seller/dealer to have the inspection report “void” if the repairs are done. If you hire a private inspector, you will have to pay for the inspection, but you can ask the seller/dealer to pay for any repairs needed as a result of the findings.


Should You Get A Pre Purchase Inspection?

A pre purchase inspection is a good idea if you are buying a used car that has not been recently inspected by a mechanic. It is also cost-effective insurance if you are worried about taking on a car that has been in an accident or been neglected by the owner. 

A pre purchase inspection can also help you negotiate a better price by revealing problems with the car that need repair. However, if you are buying a car from a dealer, you don’t know if they will report the car’s problems accurately. If you are buying a car from a private seller, their financial interest in selling the car and your ability to verify their findings may be questionable. 

In short, a pre purchase inspection can help you make a more informed decision about the car you are about to buy, but you must take care to ensure the inspection is thorough and honest.

Before making a used car purchase, equip yourself with our in-depth pre purchase inspections report. Our exhaustive pre purchase car inspection checklist ensures that your vehicle remains in optimal working order for many years to come. We are completely mobile pre purchase inspections and our service can be performed at a wide range of locations in Melbourne, Victoria.

With our comprehensive pre purchase car inspection checklist, you can be sure the car you are buying will stays in optimal working order for many years to come. We offer mobile pre purchase inspection services in Melbourne, Victoria, and we can perform them at a variety of locations.

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