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What Is Gear Slipping? Signs You Should Aware About

A minor annoyance can become a bigger, more costly problem down the line if gear slipping is ignored. Your transmission may not fail as a result of the gear slipping, but it is an indication that maintenance is required. It is crucial to properly identify the problems with your car’s transmission because it is one of the most complicated components. 

A manual or an automatic car can have slipping gears, resulting in difficulty changing gears. A car that has slipping gears struggles to engage and therefore takes longer to do so.

Some cars may alert you of a problem by flashing warning light on the dash. Grinding noises, a burning smell, increased engine RPMs, unexpected gear shifts, or an out-of-balance feel can all indicate that your transmission is failing. 

 If you notice any of those signs, then your vehicle’s transmission should be inspected immediately. It is also worthwhile to inspect the ground where the vehicle is usually parked to see if the vehicle has been leaking transmission fluid. 

Other signs of slipping gear can be detected while driving or when stopped. Here are some examples: 

  • Weak or delayed acceleration.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears 
  • Some strange noise
  • Won’t go into reverse
  • Smells/burning odour like brakes burning
  • Engine chugs 

What are transmissions? 

There are many kinds of transmissions, aside from the traditional automatic and manual setups. New technology has brought a variety of options, including CVT, DCT, automated manual, direct-shift, and Tiptronic transmissions.

A manual transmission includes a gear selector and a clutch that connects and disconnects the drive shaft. The driver engages and disengages the clutch manually. When shifting gears, you must manually change them in conjunction with activating and deactivating the clutch.

An automatic transmission is connected to the engine via a bellhousing that contains a torque converter. Instead of using a clutch, a torque converter is used. You can allow the transmission to shift gears automatically, or you can shift gears manually if you prefer. 

Regardless of the type of transmission you have, they both work together to keep the engine within the desired powerband so that it matches the speed and torque, of moving the wheels. As you can see, there are many moving parts in transmission, and because of the heat and friction, lubricant is used (except on clutch friction materials) to ensure that the gears move smoothly and stay cool. Transmission performance can be maintained at its optimal level if the transmission fluid is replaced at the correct service intervals. 


Is it safe to drive a car with slipping gear?

If you experience an unanticipated gearshift while driving then this is a serious issue. It signifies that your vehicle has become unreliable and might be a safety hazard.   If your vehicle begins to shake or becomes difficult to steer, please pull over and get to safety immediately. If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these issues, your transmission may be having problems. Being aware of the signs is halfway to solving the problem. 

There are several reasons why gears may slip when accelerating, it includes: 

  • The vehicle’s transmission fluid level is low.
  • The clutch friction disc is worn/slipping
  • The fluid is burned out or worn out.
  • A damaged or worn transmission band.
  • There are problems with the torque converter or the clutch.

Transmission Fluid 

The transmission’s fluid is the most important part of the transmission. The manufacturer-recommended transmission fluid replacement is the easiest thing you can do to maintain your vehicle’s transmission. Though a transmission doesn’t last forever, with little effort and little maintenance, you should get up to 150-200,000km out of it. This may vary depending on; the brand of vehicle, reliability of transmission, driving style, service adherence or just component failures.

If your vehicle is sluggish or isn’t handling properly, check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid is low, worn out, or burnt, you should consider getting a transmission fluid flush, but bear in mind if it is burnt, simply replacing the fluid and filter, will not necessarily fix an issue, as there is possibly an underlying problem or wear is beyond the point of no return. Keeping your transmission fluid clean will ensure that it runs properly for a longer time. This may also be a requirement to maintain a manufacturer warranty or goodwill support, in case of future issues.

Transmission bands

Bands are what link the gears together in an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission must link the gears precisely in order to operate optimally. A worn or broken transmission band will cause the gear to slip. Therefore, damaged bands should be replaced to solve this problem. It is possible that only the bands have worn out or require adjustment, or that the clutch plates in the transmission and in the torque converter are worn out from inadequate transmission fluid. 


How serious is it to drive a car with the gear slipping?

If you are wondering whether it is fine or not to drive a car with gear slipping? The answer to that is no- do not continue driving. 

Driving with this problem is putting you at risk of your vehicle suddenly jumping out of gear, putting you in a precarious situation. It’s not a pleasant experience to be unable to accelerate while trying to pass someone, plus it’s possible that you may cause further damage or wear to other components. For example – a manual transmission clutch friction disc is worn and slipping. Replacement promptly is recommended, as continued driving may result in the flywheel becoming worn/damaged and necessitate repairs/replacement, that may not have been required earlier.


How to Avoid Buying a car with serious problems like gear Slips?

It is smart to get a pre purchase car inspection done prior to purchasing a used vehicle, to avoid problems such as slipping gears. Here are five reasons why you should get a professional mobile car inspection done with German Precision: 

Firstly, Having a pre purchase car inspection eliminates any unknown issues before purchasing a car. You may not be able to identify problems unless you’re an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic yourself. Having a pre purchase inspection eliminates the uncertainty of whether there is anything wrong with the vehicle. This information gives buyers of used cars a sense of security, enabling them to see the facts before making a decision. There is often an emotional element to choosing a vehicle – you may even fall in love with it when you test drive it – but our in-depth inspections help you see beyond the hype.

Secondly, rather than making a lengthy trip to inspect a vehicle that is not near you or that you do not have time to inspect yourself, a mobile pre purchase inspection is a fantastic choice. German Precision conducts inspections across Melbourne and even regional Victoria. We provide photographs of the vehicle so that you may feel as if you were looking at it with your own eyes. 

Finally, a pre purchase car inspection can help you avoid purchasing a vehicle with major mechanical issues like the slipping gear issue. Some issues are difficult to spot without training but can cost thousands of dollars to repair. By getting a pre purchase car inspection prior to purchase you may avoid buying a worthless vehicle. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is fine on the inside just because a vehicle seems in good condition. 

You can instantly book your pre purchase car inspection with German Precision through the Book Now page of our website. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, give us a call at 0421 083 390

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