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Top 10 Cars with the Best Resale Value

When you buy a brand new car, you might consider its resale value. Since cars are depreciating assets, they lose a significant chunk of value depending how long you use it and the overall condition of the car.

In the evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the value of a car doesn’t just come from its performance, aesthetics, or features. These brands seem like strong resale value has emerged as a crucial factor for potential car buyers, this will be a good reference for you especially who see cars as an investment.

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Suzuki Top Car Resale Value


According to Autograb, an esteemed Australian automotive intelligence firm, some vehicles from the range year 2020-2023 have truly stood out in terms of their resale value. These lists exclude prices above $120,000 and 80% of resale value.

When you’re about to make a used car deal, keep this in mind so that you pay fair market value for your car. For more information to get the best price on a used car. Read on for our advice on how to spot a red flag when looking at used cars for sale, how to find a reputable dealership and how much budgeting and negotiating you should do before signing anything

Here are the list of Top 10 cars with best resale value:

1. Nissan Leaf

A pioneering force in the world of electric vehicles, the Leaf has been lauded for its sustainability without compromising on performance. Its blend of efficiency and innovation makes it a top contender in the resale market.

2. Tesla Model 3

No list is complete without mentioning Tesla. The Model 3 with well-known features and their reputation has not only revolutionized the EV market, but also ensured that its owners get a nice return upon resale.

3. Toyota RAV 4

A reliable name in the SUV segment, the RAV 4 combines space, comfort, and robust performance. Its durability and brand trust play a pivotal role in its high resale value.

4. Suzuki Swift

Compact yet packed with features, the Swift is Suzuki’s testament to the world that size doesn’t always matter. Its unique design and efficient fuel consumption have made it a favourite in the urban landscape.

5. Hyundai i30

Known for its sleek design and smooth driving experience, the I30 is Hyundai’s crown jewel in the volume hatch market. With its safety features and reliability, it’s no wonder the car holds its value well.

6. Skoda Kamiq

A relatively new entrant in the compact SUV space, the Kamiq is Skoda’s blend of European design and functionality. Its versatility and modern features make it a favourite among urban dwellers.

7. Isuzu MU-X

As a sturdy SUV built for both city roads and rough terrains, the MU-X is Isuzu’s flagship of reliability. Its durability is one of its standout features, ensuring a good return on investment.

8. Toyota C-HR

A dynamic fusion of sharp design and efficiency, the C-HR is Toyota’s answer to the modern-day compact SUV. It’s stylish yet practical, ensuring it doesn’t lose much value over time.

9. Mazda CX-9

With its elegant design language and top-notch interiors, the CX-9 is Mazda’s luxury offering to the SUV segment. A vehicle that offers both comfort and performance, it’s a top pick for families and thus retains a strong resale value.

10. Toyota Hilux

Toyota’s robust pick-up truck is not just a vehicle but a statement. Famed for its off-road capabilities and ruggedness, the HiLux’s reputation precedes itself, making it a worthy contender for great resale value.


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While the thought of being the first owner can be appealing, the advantages of buying used cars are undeniable. Buying a used car could give you some advantages like saving you money, less depreciation of value, cheaper insurance and lower registration fee.

Considering the financial benefits, combined with the peace of mind and variety available in the used car market, it’s clear why many are choosing this route. Making an informed decision is the key, and with the insights provided on resale values and the benefits of used cars, that’s why before considering buying a car from this list make sure to get a pre-purchase inspection service to avoid buying a lemon. book our service now to drive your used car safely!

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