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Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car From Interstate

Buying a car can be a big emotional and financial commitment. But for some people, the option of buying a car from another state or territory may come into play. This could be for a number of reasons—perhaps you’re set on a rare vintage model, or have found your dream car at an affordable price across state lines. If you are considering buying a car interstate, you’ve probably got questions about the practicalities of inspections, transportation and car insurance. So let’s address the things to consider when buying a used car interstate.

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We have been in the automotive industry since 1984, ranging from apprentice, to master technician, workshop foreman, controller, service advisor and service manager, in numerous premium vehicle businesses. We have built a level of loyalty that in the 21st Century is vital. After all, customer service and care is a point of difference.
We hope we are able to help you out with your needs. Our business is also known as Prepurchase Check.

Interstate Car Inspections and Background Checks

You should always check out a car before you purchase it, even if you are buying it new or from a dealer. Doing this remotely might take more effort than showing up (perhaps with a mechanic or a car-wise mate), but it’s not impossible.

If you’re planning a road trip with a copilot to retrieve and drive the car back, you can still do this yourself—just keep potential border closures in mind in light of COVID-19.

Once you’ve done all the obvious online checks into the vehicle you’re looking at—making sure it’s not stolen or encumbered with debt, all of which you can do through the Personal Property Securities Register—you’ll want to take advantage of pre-purchase vehicle inspection service in the state where the car is for sale, like German Precision in Melbourne, Victoria.

Do not be tempted to forgo the cost of one of these inspections—usually between $250 and $300—and buy a vehicle sight unseen. The risk is too high, and the saving versus potential loss equation makes no sense. This professional pre-purchase car inspection will look for things like mechanic and engine faults, issues with the air conditioning, tyres, suspension and general wear and tear, and can road-test the vehicle.

Registration and Insurance

When buying a car from interstate you will need to transfer the registration from the state and the buyer.

By Australian law, interstate dealers must provide you with a 3-month warranty for used cars that:

• have less than 160,000kms
• are under 10 years old
• don’t exceed the luxury car tax threshold.

Generally, this warranty is for 3 months or 5,000kms from the date of sale and will cover things related to roadworthiness, safety and reliability.

Or course, the one concern you might have is getting the dealer to pay for any warranty repairs without a hassle. This is something you will have to think about, and perhaps discuss with the person you make the purchase from.

Roadworthy Certificates

Once you have purchased the vehicle you will need to permanently transfer the registration into your name and state.

To register the car, you will need to have the necessary clearance depending on which state you live in, such as Victoria’s ‘Certificate of Roadworthiness’. These can be awarded by having the car checked over by a Certified Roadworthy Tester. These testers can be found on your state’s transportation authority website.

Roadworthy laws change between states so ensure you contact your state’s relevant transport authority to ensure you have the correct and relevant information for you.

Consider The Cost Of Getting The Car Home

You want to get the car to you as soon as possible so that you can start making use of your new wheels. However, if you have not calculated the costs of getting the car to you, you might find yourself with an out of the pocket expense. The cost of getting the vehicle to you will differ on how far it is and whether you decide to pick it up yourself or you choose to use a long-haul drive or have it shipped. You can compare your options to find the best one that will help you manage the costs.

If you are driving the car back then you may need to secure a temporary registration, called an ‘Unregistered Vehicle Permit’. These can be applied for at the state transport authority and are a once-off for transport purposes, ensuring you have CTP insurance whilst transferring the vehicle to your home state.

Consider The Fuel Costs As Well

Getting the car to you costs fuel, meaning you will need to consider the options that are fuel-efficient and will not cost you more when transporting your car. Keep in mind that if you plan to pick the car up yourself the average car burns 7.7 to 11.9 litres of fuel per 100kms, which can end up costing you anything between $150 – $200 or more. You will also have to factor in food and some possible accommodation costs too.

If you are looking for a professional pre-purchase car inspector in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact German Precision or Prepurchase Check today!


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