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Should You Buy A Used Electric Car In Australia?

Many Australians say they would consider buying an electric car. But unfortunately, new electric vehicles don’t come cheap. Another option is to buy a second-hand. However supply is limited and, like with any major purchase, there are pitfalls to watch for. So, should you buy a used electric car in Australia?

We have been in the automotive industry since 1984, ranging from apprentice to master technician, workshop foreman, controller, service advisor and service manager, in numerous premium vehicle businesses. We have built a level of loyalty that in the 21st Century is vital. After all, customer service and care is a point of difference.

We hope we are able to help you out with your needs. Our business is also known as Prepurchase Check.

Where To Buy A Used Electric Car In Australia?

The supply of used electric vehicles in Australia is limited. Numbers are obviously tied to new vehicles sold, and the rate at which they end up in the used car market.

In 2019, 6,718 fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars were sold in Australia – triple the previous year, but still a relatively small number. And the young age of Australia’s electric vehicle fleet means there haven’t been many turnovers into the used market.

Generally, you can find used electric vehicles in the same places you’d find other second-hand cars. These include car dealerships and private sellers.

Why Buy A Used Electric Car?

There are several reasons you might wish to buy an electric car. In the past, the main benefit was seen to be environmental. However, there is debate over just how environmentally friendly electric vehicles really are.

Electric cars can be more environmentally friendly than their petrol or diesel-fuelled counterparts, as they are less likely to produce less toxic greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the interior and bodywork of some vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf, are partially constructed from recycled water bottles, plastic bags, old car parts and second-hand home appliances.

However, if the electricity powering your vehicle is generated by an oil-fuelled power station, it may not be as good for the environment as you may think. There are also different types of electric vehicles that produce different levels of emissions, so it’s best to do some research before you buy on the basis of the vehicle being better for the environment.

Things You Should Bear In Mind When Buying A Used Electric Car

While electric vehicles do have many benefits, there are some things to be aware of before you purchase it.

Electric Charging Stations

Filling up a standard vehicle is easy when there are petrol stations in every town. With an electric car, you’ll need to plan a lot more and ensure you know how far you can drive on a single charge. However, the number of charging stations and infrastructure is increasing, which is great news!

Little Incentives Compared To Regular Cars

The lack of government support and policies surrounding electric vehicles is also noticeable in Australia. However, many states have introduced discounts on registration and stamp duty for electric vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles can expect to see more incentives as time goes on.

Do A Pre-purchase Electric Car Inspection

One final thing to be aware of when purchasing a used electric car is that there could be hidden information the seller doesn’t communicate. This is a risk with every used car. Getting a trusted local mechanic to do a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne will help minimise the risk of landing a lemon.

Hire A Professional Car Technician In Melbourne

We have engaged with many clients for independent, personal car purchase advice. Whilst we are not a CAR BROKER, we have assisted clients with discussions on MAKE/MODEL/YEAR/VERSION of vehicle best suited to their needs, and with low ‘grief’ factors. In some cases, clients, especially repeat clients (and we have many), have asked us to either source a car for them, or assist in the negotiations.

As much as some of us think we’re backyard mechanics, you can’t go past actually getting a used car checked out by a professional to determine whether it is mechanically sound. There’s nothing worse than driving away with your new purchase, only to find that it has an issue that is going to cost you dearly.

And if you want to buy a secondhand car, have a professional inspector like German Precision do a thorough pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne to ensure that your dream car is operating properly and not a scam.

If you are looking for the best pre-purchase car inspector in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact German Precision or Prepurchase Check today!


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