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Now We Provide Used Hybrid Car And Used Electric Car Inspections


Hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, not just because they’re more environmentally friendly, but because they offer cheaper running costs than petrol or diesel alternatives. These eco-friendly cars are also becoming much more commonplace on the road. 

That’s why we are now introducing hybrid car inspections and electric car inspections as part of our inspection services at German Precision. We know that purchasing a hybrid or electric car is a major investment for our clients. That’s why we make sure to look out for any faults before someone takes ownership of the car.


We Are Certified For Hybrid And Electric Vehicles System By Bosch Academy

Used Hybrid Car & Used Electric Car Inspection

All hybrid and electric car inspections require specialized tools and equipment. Hybrid car inspections are a complex field that also requires specialized training and knowledge. 

In order to be a professional inspector of hybrid and electric cars, it is highly recommended that an inspector be certified by an organization such as the Bosch Hybrid and Electric Mobility Academy, or a similar reputable business. 

Bosch is an industry leader in hybrid and electric vehicle repair. It is one of the largest and most well-known automotive parts manufacturers in the world. Bosch’s logo is a trusted symbol for many car owners, and many hybrid and electric car owners specifically request Bosch parts when they’re in need of repairs. 

Being certified by Bosch Academy for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle systems means that we are trusted for running an inspection for hybrid and electric vehicles system.

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What To Expect During A Hybrid Car Inspection

During a hybrid car inspection, we’ll start by inspecting the engine to look for signs of damage and wear. We’ll then move on to the rest of the car, including the brakes, suspension, and steering to uncover any potential problems. We’ll also check the car’s battery and individual battery pack/cell health and charging status, charging system, as well as its emissions system. We’ll even take a look at the car’s service history to make sure it’s been maintained properly by previous owners.


What To Expect During An Electric Car Inspection

During an electric car inspection, we’ll first check the car’s battery, as well as its charging system to see if everything looks intact. We’ll also need to look at its on-board electronic control unit systems to make sure it works correctly. While electric cars don’t need to undergo regular oil changes like petrol, diesel and hybrid cars, there are still other fluids involved and we make sure that they are in order. We’ll also give the car’s tyres a thorough inspection to make sure they’re in good condition, as these are subjected to greater wear in these vehicles.


Hybrid Car Inspection Checklist

  • Engine – We’ll look at the car’s engine to make sure it has enough power and is running smoothly.
  • Exhaust – We’ll also inspect the car’s exhaust system to make sure there are no leaks.
  • Cooling system – We’ll also check the car’s cooling system to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Transmission – Next, we’ll inspect the car’s transmission to make sure it’s in good condition.
  • Suspension – We’ll also inspect the car’s suspension system to make sure it’s in good condition.
  • Brakes – Finally, we’ll check the car’s brakes to make sure they’re working properly.


Electric Car Inspection Checklist

  • Battery – First, we’ll need to check the car’s battery to see if it’s been maintained properly.
  • Charging system – We’ll also need to inspect the charging system to make sure it’s in good condition.
  • Electric drive system – Next, we’ll check the drive to see if it’s working properly.
  • Cooling system – We’ll look at the car’s cooling system to make sure it’s in good condition.
  • On-board electronics – Finally, we’ll inspect the control systems to make sure it’s working properly.


Why Is A Hybrid Car Inspection Important?

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular, but they’re also quite expensive. That’s why it’s important to make sure the hybrid car you’re interested in buying is in good condition before you hand over any money. A hybrid car inspection will help you uncover any potential issues with the car before you purchase it. It will also allow you to negotiate a lower price for the car if you spot any problems.


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Why Is An Electric Car Inspection Important?

An electric car inspection is just as important as a hybrid car inspection, if not more so. Electric cars are available at a cheaper price than hybrids, but they also have a shorter lifespan. We’ll check the car’s battery, charging system, and electrical system to make sure they’re working correctly. We’ll also need to look at the car’s other functions, including the brakes, cooling system, and transmission.


The Aftermath Of An Electric Car & Hybrid Car Inspection

If we find any issues during an electric car or hybrid car inspection, we’ll let you know right away. We’ll advise you on whether you should continue with the purchase of the car. If you still want to go ahead with the purchase, we’ll outline the work that needs to be done to the car. 

We now provide hybrid car checks and electric car checks for all types and makes of hybrid and electric vehicles.


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