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Car History Check vs Pre Purchase Inspection: A Guide to a Secure Purchase

When you in the search hunt for used car purchasing, it’s important to know many aspect of the condition of the car. A combination of a government-provided PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) search and a professional pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne can offer a comprehensive overview of the car’s history and condition.

A professional pre-purchase car inspection will ensure that you have done the utmost in determining whether the car you are about to purchase is a safe decision. 

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PPSR Search

In Australia, the PPSR search is a critical step in the car buying process. It’s a government service that provides vital information about the car:

  • Security Interests: Reveals if there is any finance owing on the car.
  • Vehicle Details: Confirms the make, model, colour, and other specifications.
  • Written-Off Status: Indicates if the car has been listed as a write-off.
  • Stolen Status: Checks if the car has been reported stolen

Key Vehicle History Checks

What you can do to ensure a secure purchase is to look for key factors that could impact the car’s safety, legality, and value. Check the accident history to assess past damages, as this can affect both safety and resale value. Verify the write-off status to avoid hidden structural problems.

Remember also that many mainstream insurance providers may not insure a vehicle previously written off. If they do provide insurance, they will apply certain conditions. They may also reduce the potential insured amount.

Make sure there are no outstanding recalls that could pose future safety risks. Review the finance history to confirm the car is debt-free and won’t leave you liable for previous obligations.

Examine the service history for signs of regular maintenance, indicating a well-cared-for vehicle. Lastly, research the car’s market value to help you negotiate a fair price, reflecting the true worth of the car in its current condition.

The Necessity of a Professional Pre-Purchase Inspection

Relying only on a DIY car history check can be risky. You might miss critical details. These are often non-reported and unseen without a physical inspection.

A professional pre-purchase inspection is crucial. It can reveal issues not shown in history reports. These include the current engine conditions and the state of the transmission. We also check vehicle electrics and control unit fault codes. Moreover, we assess the integrity of the brakes and tyres.

Our on-site assessments provide full knowledge the true condition of the car and protection. We will ensure you know of any potential repairs or maintenance needs that could lead to additional costs later. This step is invaluable. It safeguards your investment and potentially provides leverage in price negotiations. Often, it can save you more than the cost of the inspection itself.

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Why Choose German Precision for Your Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

Bentley Pre Purchase Inspection Melbourne German Precision

Advantages of Pre-Purchase Car Inspection with German Precision

  • Convenience
    We offer mobile inspections, bringing German Precision’s expertise directly to your location in Melbourne, saving you both time and potential towing costs.
  • Personalised Service
    Direct communication with our seasoned mechanics means you get a transparent and thorough understanding of your potential investment.
  • Cost Savings
    Our detailed inspection can identify issues that could cost you in the long run, giving you the leverage to negotiate a better price or avoid a bad deal altogether.
  • Detailed Report by Experienced Mechanic
    Our experienced mechanics, who have years of working with German vehicles among others, compile comprehensive reports to ensure we overlook nothing.


Purchasing a used car in Melbourne is a journey filled with potential, and while the price tag might be attractive, the real value comes from a confident, informed decision. Always perform due diligence with a comprehensive PPSR check to ensure a safe and lawful transaction.

Combining both checks provides a complete picture of the car’s past and current condition, aiding in making an informed purchase decision.

Making an Informed Decision on Your Pre-Owned Car Purchase

When it comes to pre-purchase inspections in Melbourne, German Precision is a name you can trust. Our combination of experience, expertise, advanced technology, personalised service, and commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your next car inspection. Book our Inspection with choose German Precision and drive away with confidence, knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by the best in the business.


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