Pre Purchase Inspection Prices in Melbourne

Affordable Mobile Pre Purchase Inspection in Melbourne

Our pre purchase car inspection service starts at only $275 (most cars are $295-$355) and others may range up to $375 or more if more specialised. You will be given an accurate quote based on the type of car/location etc.

Certain models/vehicles will attract a premium rate, due to further attention needed and inspection time. Some car types and models or heavily performance modified will be rejected.

In certain circumstances, if the car is located far away, a travel surcharge may apply, but you would be advised at the time of quoting. We provide our services in most of Melbourne suburbs. You can check our service areas here!

Pre Purchase Inspection Price

Make Sure That Your Investment is Sound

We offer unbiased pre-purchase car inspections, and our prices and mechanic experience levels are both openly listed. We provide detailed and efficient inspection services that will fit your budget.

Don’t risk it and jeopardize your investment. Before making an investment in a used car, ensure that you have a detailed pre purchase inspections report that will put you in an advantageous position and help you make an intelligent decision.